Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March Artist: Dry the River - Bible Belt

"Bible Belt" just sets me adrift. Its a feeling that's always been hard to explain, its not an overly sad or happy feeling but magical and consuming. I never get the feeling that Liddle is trying to sound like Jeff Buckley as there is certainly a uniqueness there, instead I think its a matter of seeing the world... of being overcome with passion in a very similar way. Whatever it is, wherever it comes from, my heart is so happy to be able to feel it again. That familiar feeling I spoke of a few weeks ago is at its strongest for me during "Bible Belt". This song brings such a calm over me and I find myself listening over and over again; drifting along, my hands skimming the surface of a calm sea and my eyes drinking in the final flames of the sunset.

"If its dark outside you light the fire yourself"