Tuesday, March 6, 2012

35/35 March Update

Woah March crept up fast. Its time to check my 35/35 list and get a progress report. Life's been a little hectic lately but overall I've still navigated with my list in the back of mind and I'm finally able to mark something of my list WOO HOOO. I'm still so grateful to have the list and its really made such a positive difference in my life.

Things To Do
1. Read 12 books. -
4 turned out to be a dud for me. (Radio Shangri-la) I keep going back and forth between reading a new book or embracing an old one, especially since I finally have our books out of storage (JOY!)
2. Send birthday cards to my nearest and dearest -I'm staying on track with this and love it still.
3. Fix my watch -to be done as soon as the budget allows
4. journal daily (even if its one sentence) -Unfortunately I haven't touched my journal these last few weeks. But I'm determined to get back on track this month.
5. Discover one new musical artist a month -January's artist was the Temper Trap, February was Gogol Bordello, and I'm madly in love with March's Artist - Dry The River.
6. Wear more jewelry-check
7. Wear more scarves-check, I actually bought a few more and have enjoyed them tremendously.
8. Complete at least one non-food Pinterest project per month-check and check, last month I made these incredibly cool owl valentines for Stella's class and these great t-shirt necklaces. Lots of project are on tap for March now that I have my sewing machine and all things crafty stuff back.
9. Blog at least once a week -February, started strong but ended a little weak, I totally blame Leap Year.
10. Make gifts for friends and family-to be done as soon as the budget allows
11. Create wardrobe I feel shows the "real" me.-made HUGE progress with this in February YAY!!
12. Finish one sewing project per month (once it arrives from storage)-I just got my sewing machine back (one month early) I plan to start racking up the miles as soon as I stop hugging it.
13. Learn to properly knit and crochet-coming soon!!
14. Learn how to play one good song on the piano-boo, I have yet to work on this but the year is still young.
15. Try one new recipe a week.-I've been averaging about about one or two a week, I really need to post more about them. I'm going to work harder on that this month-see blogging more.
16. Create Stella's reading nook-NOW UNDERWAY
17. Begin Stella's yearly art books a' la my Pin-spiration. -not yet
18. Learn how to braid Stella's hair.-working on it, I have been practicing though.
19. Research and (if possible) join the local arts council.-not yet
20. Complete my first children's book and submit it to a publisher-i have a solid draft, now i'm researching for it.

21. Plant and nurture no more than 3 plants for the entire year. -I've been planning, I can't wait until spring.
22. Walk 365 miles (not in one day mind you)-grrr no comment
23. Shoot a handgun (its that or break plates my friends)-to be done as soon as the budget allows
24. Give my hubby at least one long lingering kiss per day-check
25. Get a new tattoo-to be done as soon as the budget allows
26. Take at least one new photograph a week-Do photos for the shop count? I have taken more than usual but I haven't purposefully taken one to meet my one a week challenge.

Trips/Places To Go
27. See at least 2 shows at the Orange Peel-We will be seeing Trampled by Turtles in April
28. Take Stella to see a Play or Ballet Performance-to be done as soon as the budget allows
29. Visit Tryon, the birthplace of Nina Simone (sigh)-to be done as soon as the budget allows
30. Visit Black Mountain preferably overnight with my awesome hubby.-to be done as soon as the budget allows
31. Purchase year passes to Chimney Rock Park/Hickory Nut Falls and use hell out of them-to be done as soon as the budget allows-those bitches are expensive.
32. Go on at least one date a month with the hubby.-check

33. Get the internal volume turned up on my hearing aids-DONE!! And its oh so awesome.
34. Complete a juice fast-to be done after my clean eating month.
35. Eat clean for one month-I'm thinking sometime in the summer.