Monday, March 5, 2012

March Artist: Dry the River

I've been a longtime follower of Girls Gone Child for awhile now. Becca has such a magical way with words and I adore her thoughts on parenting and nurturing imagination and self esteem in her children. I also love her taste in music. I've often posted about certain artist she turned me on to. But let me say this...if it wasn't a little creepy, and way too expensive to travel across the country, I would drive to California just to kiss her (most likely on the mouth) in gratitude of introducing me to Dry the River.

I've been a bit of a sucker for the earthy, hymnal kind of sound as of late. I know everyone and their hipster mother are singing the praises of Mumford & Sons and Fleet Foxes ect. But they just doesn't speak to me, although they should what with their poetry and beards. However I do think them solid bands and I'm glad that they are getting attention.

But I digress. Dry the River has oh so many ingredients that just rendered me all mushy inside. First and foremost frontman Peter Liddle and his voice; which awoke in me sensations and feelings I thought had died 15 years ago and oh my god was it amazing to feel them again. The web they weave both lyrically and musically is just intoxicating. I cannot stop listening. I'll admit, like my Jeff Buckley these guys aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but dammit they are mine.

"Just because we're beasts of blame by nature, doesn't mean that you should carry it again"